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Tiiiime is on my mind

I've been playing around trying to make some sort of back-end for this thing. I've dabbled with SQLite a bit; it's quite nice. I've also been trying to stick to the whole '3 layers' thing - that is: data, processing and presentation.

I constantly find myself wanting to buck the trend and do things however the hell I want, but people keep on ruining my fun by giving me very good reasons for doing things the 'proper' way. Perhaps it would be best to find try and find a middle ground. For example: I wouldn't mind using a template engine for the bulk of the page, but storing the HTML for each section. Having a template for a link or a paragraph seems a little excessive. It's not like I'd be using tags :-P

In other news: I finally have a new laptop, so I can actually do some dev work on this thing while I'm at home. Lunchtimes just aren't long enough for anything other than the odd update.

Also: W3C have added an HTML5 mode to their validator. Woop! Thanks to Andy for pointing it out.

First posted: Wed, 03 Dec 2008 13:34:18 +0000