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Songs in code

Yesterday morning (20th August), a few of my fellow developers and I started a little in-joke on twitter: #songsincode. It is currently hovering around the #3 trend on the Twitter homepage.

It's been great fun to see it rise up to this point, and thought the people involved in setting the ball rolling deserved credit: @proxymoron, @scawp, @asmitter, @SteveWilson, @lingmops and myself @tomnomnom. Between us, we make up the development team at FrogTrade Ltd in Halifax, UK.

It all started with three tweets.

Firstly from @asmitter at 0958 GMT:

$hiphip = array();

And then one from @scawp at 1010 GMT:

name the singer :-p $val = array(); if(!comeOnOver($val)) { echo 'why?'; }

Finally, one from @proxymoron at 1033 GMT, with the addition of the hashtag:

class me { function say($what) { if($what) == 'goodbye'; { die('A little'); } } #songsincode

After that, @lingmops, @SteveWilson and myself got involved, and it started to snowball.

I think it was one of the more productive days we've had as a team.

Yes. We are a little mad; but if you're interested in working with us, we are hiring.

Update: @asmitter has provided a far more in-depth (and more amusing) analysis here:

First posted: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 12:56:10 +0000