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Quit yo' jibba-jabba

Well, I took some photos and sent them off to Zazzle. If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about then look here.

The photos can be seen on Flickr. The email I sent with them was as follows:

Hi there,

I have attached digital photographs of the product, with attention 
to the affected area.
Please note that this product is most definitely NOT a mug.

Many thanks.

I got a reply - with an unexpected twist:

Hello Thomas,

We truly appreciate the time you took to take this digital images, 
I have put together a video of the images that you have provided. 
If you would like to see it please respond to this email requesting 
the video and I will attempt to forward it to you.

As a formality, your images have been received and we will be 
forwarding your request for a replacement mug to our re-prints 
department for initiation. Once this re-print is introduced into 
production, you will be notified.

Your replacement item will be on the way shortly. There is no need 
for you to return your defective product, but please do not discard 
the original item until you have received and verified that the 
replacement is acceptable. Should you not be satisfied with the 
replacement item, you may be required to return both the original 
and replacement shipments in order to be eligible for a refund.

WOW! Not only am I going to get my mug, but I don't have to return the poster! Wait a minute... A video?! They made a video from my photos? I had to see.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you very much for your quick response. 

I would very much like to see the video you have created, please 
send it to me.

Best regards,

Tom Hudson

And the reply...

Hello Thomas,

I thank you for making my Thursday, a good laugh is nice.

We are sorry that you did not receive the product you had ordered. 

I have issued a reprint of the mug and upgraded the shipping. You 
should receive it by the end of next week.

The *.wmv is attached and is 6mb.

I've uploaded the video to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. It's like I'm famous or something.

I've got to be honest: I'm more than impressed with the level of customer service I've received from Zazzle. They're definately not afraid to have a good laugh. And I got a free poster. I will treasure it forever.

First posted: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 20:41:40 +0000