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Jabber the Hutt

A few weeks ago I was busy having just been paid and wanted to spend some money. The wondrous place that is Reddit led me straight to a 'CSS is awesome' mug from; so I pulled out my PayPal password and paid.

Yesterday I received my package from Zazzle. I promptly sent them this:

I ordered a 'CSS Is Awesome' mug a little over two weeks ago.

Today I received a long cardboard tube from you. The shipping label 
indicated that the 2 foot long, 3 inch wide tube contained a mug. I excitedly 
opened my big tube to find not an oddly proportioned mug, but a small
poster of Jabba the Hutt; the repulsive monster from the smash hit Star Wars. 

I have to be honest: I have not been quite so disappointed in a long time. 
I was looking very much forward to forcing my 'CSS is awesome' mug in 
the face of my fellow web developers. 

Please advise.

And every word of it true. I'd been duped! I wanted my mug, dammit! My mouth was dry from the lack of tea. And a poster of Jabba the god-damn Hutt?! It's not even a good poster. It's clearly a screengrab from the DVD that's been printed on regular HP photo paper.

Today I received a reply.

Thank you for contacting our support team. If you are able to take a digital 
picture of the incorrect product received (with attention to the affected area) 
and attach it to your response to this email in JPG or PNG format, please 
do so. If you provide a picture, we can verify your claim and provide you with 
a speedier resolution; along with the most appropriate return information*. 

Please be sure to:

1. Attach the image rather than imbedding it into in the body of the email.
2. Include your preference for a refund or a replacement product 
3. The order ID # of the incorrect order received (131 - .... - ....)

A digital picture of the incorrect product received? OK. With attention to the affected area?! What?! The only affected area here is my dry, non tea-filled mouth. Ah well. I'm a compliant type of guy, so I'm going to take some photos for them tomorrow.

Any suggestions for compromising situations involving a poor quality poster of Jabba the hut should be sent to mail@

Update: the plot thickens...

First posted: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 20:22:09 +0000