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A VERY simple PostgreSQL function interface in PHP

Here's a no frills interface for PostgreSQL functions. At the moment it only works for functions that accept integer(s) and return a single integer. At least that's all I've tested it with.

It does no error checking at all. I hope to expand on it at some point to make it a bit more flexible and robust.

class SP
  //Override method calls
  function __call($function$arguments)
    $arguments = implode(','$arguments);

    $query = 'select ' . $function .
             '(' . $arguments . ');';

    $result = pg_query($query);

    $ret = pg_fetch_array($result);

    return $ret[0];

Assuming you're already connected to the database, usage would be something like:

$sp = new SP();
echo $sp->getAgeFromId(3);

Where getAgeFromId() is a PostgreSQL function written in PLPgSQL.

It's only really a proof of concept to demonstrate an idea I was discussing with a colleague. I'll expand it and actually do something with it when I bother to learn PLPgSQL properly :-P

First posted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 22:08:52 +0000